Learn About The Public Service Commission of South Carolina

What is the Public Service Commission?

The Public Service Commission of South Carolina exists to establish fair and reasonable rates for utility services under the Commission’s jurisdiction. It balances South Carolina’s citizens’ need for reliable services and reasonable rates with the need for utilities to earn a reasonable return on investment. The Commission protects consumers’ interests.

Utilities regulated by the Commission include investor-owned water and wastewater utilities, telephone utilities, electrical utilities, gas utilities, and motor vehicle carriers as defined in Title 58 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. There are some exceptions. For example, the Commission does not regulate utilities operated by municipalities.

In addition to hearing utility requests for rate increases, the Commission also adjudicates formal consumer complaints against utilities and issues certificates that allow the operation of new utilities.

As a public agency, the Commission strives to keep the public aware of its activities and offers several ways for the public to be aware of and involved in its deliberations.

The Commission’s Online Calendar provides a complete schedule of pending hearings and commission meetings. The calendar includes the date, time and location of meetings along with case docket numbers and business meeting agendas.

Anyone may subscribe to email notifications about specific cases or about the Commission’s daily activities. To follow specific cases, just supply your email address and the docket or NDI number of the case you want to follow. When information about those cases is added to the Commission’s Docket Management System, an email is sent. The Commission also sends daily activity report emails and emails about activities related to specific industries. Emails are sent at the end of the business day.

The Docket Management System allows the public and utilities easy access to information about cases, hearings, orders and other matters that come before the commission. To learn how to navigate and use the system, you can access online training.

Public Service Commission’s Transparency Page