Public Service Commission of South Carolina

Providing Open and Effective Regulation and Adjudication of the State’s Public Services

Our Mission

To Serve The Public Of South Carolina By Providing Open And Effective Regulation And Adjudication Of The State’s Public Utilities, Through Consistent Administration Of The Law And Regulatory Process.


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of customer satisfaction and quality of service for those services provided through the entities regulated by this Commission.


Seek to encourage innovation through the enhancement of Commission processes and the attainment of self-actualization by Commission employees through empowering these employees to carry out their responsibilities and rewarding them for their contribution to the attainment of Commission goals.


Provide an open, accessible and efficient regulatory process which is fair, cost effective and unbiased, while also exploring alternative methods of regulating the entities subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction.


Seek to promote a more competitive environment in which utility customers are provided appropriate options offering quality, reliable service. Seek to ensure that the regulatory process results in fair and reasonable outcomes.


Seek to ensure that all regulated entities’ services to consumers comply with all legal requirements subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction.